AYLLU, Peruvian Cuisine
Our mission is to spread the biodiversity and richness of Peruvian gastronomy and culture.

We as members of the community have the responsibility to push the progress and sustainability of the local businesses that’s why we support and work alongside with local farmers markets, using always seasonal and fresh organic ingredients. One is part of the community and the community is part of one.

While working hard and productive, your team deserve to be recompensed with an experience that will satisfy them. Our team is compromised to make your experience unforgettable. Bring the experience and chef home with Private dinners such as Birthdays, happy hours, cooking classes and more. Contact us for more info.


Online cooking classes!

Online Cooking classes are a chance to virtually connect and learn delicious and well executed recipes from Peru and around the world. Learn simple cooking tricks and tips. Dishes designed for home cooking style, or any special occasion.

Chef expert Rodrigo will guide you step by step during this dynamic class and will answer all your doubts and questions. Learn super useful cooking tricks, knives skills, drinks and organization in the process of any recipe.

What is AYLLU?
Is the Basic social formation of the Inca Empire. It is associated with the concept of community. All without exception are members of the ayllu, entering the same from the age of two years.

The responsibility for the well-being and progress of the community rests with each of its members. Within the ayllu there is a structure of participation, leadership, incentives and mechanisms to guarantee its proper functioning.

One is part of the community and the community is part of one.

Rodrigo started doing fine dining pop up tasting back in 2016 with a lot of passion and determination and continue to do so through Ayllu. Every season he blends seasonal organic products with traditional Peruvian ingredients and create a fun and flavorful tasting menu. Modern techniques and creative ideas are put together in every course. Follow Rodrigo on Instagram: @rodrigofernandini

If you would like catering, private events or need to request a special menu due to allergies or preferences we are here to help


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